My Dysphoria: My Experiences

Dysphoria is such a broad, encompassing term which tries to describe that feeling of disconnection between mind and body. I know, it affects me. Just from talking to others, it manifests different symptoms to different people at different times. I experience what I describe as waves, which can have an acute onset, or it's a … Continue reading My Dysphoria: My Experiences

Shame, Guilt and Acceptance.

For some crossdressers, its our secrets and lies that cause the shame and guilt we feel. This destructive combination impacts on any relationships we have, whether it be with a loved one or just with oneself. The negative feelings that are created can be debilitating and linger in the subconscious, influencing everything you do. For … Continue reading Shame, Guilt and Acceptance.

Crossdressing for Stress Relief? Is there something more to it?

A constant theme that is associated with crossdressing is that it acts as a means of stress relief.   I see many statements like, “I find I need to cross dress more, when I have had a bad day at work, or dressing up after a stressful day makes me relax”. Or statements like “I work … Continue reading Crossdressing for Stress Relief? Is there something more to it?

THANK YOU ! FFG for creating Stella Clark.

Who ?  Why?  What you may ask?.......Well let me explain. Fantasy Flight Games, FFG, are the games company behind the tense and challenging Arkham Horror games bases on the P. H. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos universe.   The range of games in their catalogue is large, including Mansions of Madness, Elder Signs, Arkham Horror board game and … Continue reading THANK YOU ! FFG for creating Stella Clark.

Positive & Negative Covid feelings

My heart goes out to all those suffering or feeling the negative effects of this pandemic.  It is challenging for most, and will leave a wound that might take years to heal.  It has effected everyone and even the most stoic among us will eventually feel the strain.   Some people carry the stress internally, controlling … Continue reading Positive & Negative Covid feelings