The Desperate Act of Purging.

I have only purged twice and have regretted both times. The decision to throw out all my female belongings in an attempt to remove Jenny from my life, came out of a desperation to be a “normal male” and try to conform to how my body is built.  Those were dark periods, during a point … Continue reading The Desperate Act of Purging.

Is There an Answer To WHY?

When I finally told my wife about my crossdressing and Jenny, during the conversation she asked “Why?”  At first I did not understand what she was asking, so I think I answered something about having this inbuilt drive to express myself as female. She interrupted  my monologue and asked “Why are you like this?”  “Why … Continue reading Is There an Answer To WHY?

Pavlov’s Dogs Meets A Clockwork Orange.

In 1971, during my high school days, the Sidney Kubrick’s move “A Clockwork Orange” was released.  (Wow, that’s 50 years this year, so I suppose it’s now a VINTAGE movie.)   It was a violent movie that was considered disturbing, challenging and very controversial.   I must admit I did not go see it straight away, as … Continue reading Pavlov’s Dogs Meets A Clockwork Orange.