Wishing You All A Fulfilling & Peaceful Festive Season.

I would like to wish everyone a truly peaceful and wonderful festive season. May YOU, your special loved ones and families feel safe, LOVED and contented. I hope you can take time off to experience the season for what it is, a chance to give, enjoy life, feel love and consolidate the past year.

Merry Christmas to all !

Some of us are so lucky, that life has been kind and good. For Others, life is always a struggle through no fault of their own. Be mindful and spare a special thought for those who have suffered during the year. COVID has made this year an incredibility hard and challenging one. It has not just caused a tidal wave of physical suffering and unnecessary death, but has scarred many families psychologically. The suffering caused by losing your job, your home, your loved ones are wounds that can never heal. Those living on the street, alone or with no support have been pushed further away from society because of physical and social distancing, such is the brutality of this virus.

So please spare a kind thought to those who are doing it tough. No one should ever be alone if they don’t want to be. There are a lot of good people in this world, lets hope they are not hidden by the negative noise filling the airwaves. Don’t be scared to reach out.

So Wishing you all a fulfilling and peaceful festive season.

One filled with LOVE, PEACE and ACCEPTANCE.

2 thoughts on “Wishing You All A Fulfilling & Peaceful Festive Season.

  1. Yes Jenny, this year has brought so much suffering to so many. I have the thought that it no longer makes any sense to talk of winners and loosers. Covid has shown that if I get it I can infect you. If I loose my job it affects your livelihood as I can’t spend. If I am homeless I risk spreading disease to you. And so on.
    If I loose, you loose too. We can only win together.
    For you to be safe, for you to be a winner I must also be safe and a winner.
    At last we have a world where
    I am aware of what a quantum leap this is.
    So be it.
    Anything less won’t work in this new world.
    The only thing this concept has going for it is that it can be sold as selfishness reimagined.
    Peace to you and yours at this time.

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    1. So true Geraldine.👏. We collectively need everyone to do well to prosper otherwise the gap between rich and poor just gets bigger.
      Stay safe dear, 🙋🏻‍♀️


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