Proof of Life

A poem by Jenny Williams.

Phone camera ready.
Proof Of Life
By Jenny Williams

Flickr, Flickr on the screen
Look who’s wanting to be seen.
I post a picture, with a certain pride,
I want it out there, I don’t want to hide.

So I snap the picture, in the perfect light
In a pleated skirt which feels just right.
With the satin hem that seems to flow
Against shaved legs when that soft breeze blows.

I put on my dress with special care,
Fitting over my head, to avoid messing my hair.
Pat down the bodice and now into my heels
I walk to the camera, and just love how it feels.

Ready for that pose after fixing my hair 
The swish of the hem against legs smooth and bare.
Some pretty pictures taken, with my floral dress on
Fresh makeup, lippie and nothing went wrong. 

Then a glance in the mirror and I look alright,
Now I adjust the flash to give more light.
While setting the timer to 10 on the dial
Quickly back to the chair as I settle my smile. 

The flash goes off and lights up the room,
Gone are the shadows, gone is the gloom
I can see Jenny as who I can be
But, I so hate myself as it’s not what YOU see 

Banished are the wrinkles, marks and dots 
Editing software removes those spots 
I now  feel so right, that I want to share
The real Jenny’s here without a care.

Out in the garden, under the moon,
Among the flowers, it’s Jenny in bloom.
Here I lose the panic and destructive alarm.
In this place of beauty, full of peace and calm.

Quickly checking the camera, I almost cry,
This woman looks real, so why do I lie.  
I want the world to know the real me
Maybe through Facebook, it’s what they will see. 

So, Flickr, Flickr on the screen
Are your pictures ever seen?
“Why do you do it ?”, asked my wife.  
You see, for Jenny, its proof of life.

Looking back at the camera

Added a fantastic website to my Useful & interesting links page:

Kandi is well known to most, but she has recently moved to her new website and its is absolutely fabulous. Well worth subscribing to.

15 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. So I am reading your poem, so touched by it and then I get to the end. And how sweet are you to give me a shout out like that!! So first of all, the poem was absolutely lovely!! And now a sincere that you for the referrals. I am now reciprocating as we speak, adding your blog to my Links page!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a lovely poem with genuine sentiment.
    Girls like us just want to be, some days are more difficult than others but with these blogs like yours and Kandis it helps those like me get through tough days. So thanks Jenny

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Jenny,

    What a lovely and heartfelt poem. You do have a way with words.

    I just posted a rare blog post with pictures in it. Celebrating my first year on hrt. I do not like posting links without permission, but I think you know where to find me.

    All the best, Stephie

    Liked by 1 person

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